Donnerstag 10.8.

BBB_ performance Techno-Spiritual Center for Techno-Spirituality

Buddha App Says: Intense Introduction Event

Techno-Spiritual Center for Techno-Spirituality Presents:

Technologically mediated immateriality redefines among others a common sense of spirituality for a virtually-optimised self. Thereby, there is a need for reconsideration of progressive religious thought for partly digitised bodies heading into an undefined future. Ritualistic, country nonspecific, physically trying and in step with the times, it is an immersive space for a joint, participatory, philosophically oriented reflection on the representation and perception of technological spirituality.

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Buddha App Says is an immersive durational participatory performance with a deep dive in a world of techno-spirituality – a new religious thought for partly digitalised bodies. It is inspired by references to digitally-enabled and web-distributed tools for spiritual development. It gives a visitor an opportunity for various interactive, learning, relaxing and recreative activities. Electronic sound performance is based on mind enhancement music techniques, like brain wave tone stimulation and live computer-synthesised voice.

Buddha App Says is open for visitors at any moment during performance hours.

by BBB_(Alla Poppersoni, Alexander Sahm)


Bibliothek / Mediathek geöffnet ab 17Uhr

Start der Performance 19:30 Uhr (- bis 21:30 Uhr)


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